Club Captains

The Club Captain model is to provide the swimmers within the club with role models and leaders that they can look up to and approach with any issues they feel that they may need some support with. The duties also include supporting swimmers throughout the entire club, in particular at competitions.  Younger swimmers and/or those new to galas will need the guidance of the Club Captains, to learn the ropes.  The Captains help with fund raising and organising team building & bonding excursions.


At the beginning of each season a new male and female club captain us selected, alongside a leadership group, which includes the previous club captain to help the current club captains with their role as well as provide a transitioning period for outgoing and incoming captains to help them understand their roles.


Our current club captains are Sean Morrow and Erin Morrissey.  The Leadership group consists of Louisa Bedrani, Nessa Godden, Marcus Trait and Oisin Marry.