Club Trials

Entry to Kilkenny Swimming Club (KSC) is via trials.  When there is adequate space within D Squad we will hold trials to fill the slots.  Trials are advertised on our social channels, but you can sign up for our waiting list, to get early notification of when trials will be held (before details are posted publicly on socials).
Signing up to wait list is NOT signing up for trials.  It is just signing up for notification to when trials will be held.  You will still need to actually register for our trials.  This can be done via the link HERE, which is only active when we have trials scheduled.  If you click on this link and it's not working, that means we have no trials scheduled right now!
The link to sign up to the waitlist can be found HERE There is a handy user guide that explains how to sign up to the club trials that can also be used as a guide for signing up to the waitlist so please do read it if you are finding the procedure tricky.

Requirements for Trials

The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to be deemed eligible to participate in the club trials:

  • Minimum age is 7 years
  • Minimum requirement - swimmer must have a reasonable understanding / ability of the three main strokes; front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke.  Please do not present for trials if your swimmer does not have this.
  • Swimmer will be asked to swim approx 15-20 meters of the pool in each of the three strokes.  They will start in the water; no diving
If you swimmer is offered a place in the Club, following the trials, you should note the following:
  • Entry level squad is 'D Squad'
  • D Squad only train on Thursdays; three 40-minute time slots - 5.30pm, 6.10pm and 6.50pm.  5.30pm is always the most popular slot, so there is always very limited availability at this time slot, from the trials.
  • To accept a place in KSC, is to accept your part as a parent.  KSC is run by volunteers and therefore parents are required to do certain tasks as the swimmer moves up through the squads.  Very little for for parents to do in D Squad.  It kicks off from C Squad onwards.  Parent participation in Club activities is mandatory and not optional.
  • Attendance - swimmers are expected to meet minimum 80% attendance per term (subject to illness or injury)
  • Term fees must always be paid in full and in advance before your swimmer can attend to training