Kilkenny Swimming Club has a structured coaching program for children of all abilities. The young swimmer commences with weekly swimming lessons in the D squad and, following successful completion, is introduced to competitive swimming in the C, B and A Squads. Swimmers must have spent at least one term in a squad before being considered to move on to the next squad.

Upon achievement of time standard relevant for each squad, in open competition, swimmers will be eligible for consideration for movement. These times are set out in the downloadble pdf below. When time standards have been achieved the Coach will look at various other factors such as standard of strokes/dives etc. attendance, gala participation, behavior, maturity etc.

If the squad Coach is happy that a swimmer is ready to move the child will be given a test set by the Head Coach to determine if he/she is able to keep up with the training demands of the intended squad. For progression to A squad, swimmers must have reached their 11th birthday.